eSzocMet v3.0

eSzocMet is a browser-based application which aims to support conducting sociometric surveys.
Participants complete the test in their own browser, the program then calculates the main indicators and helps them to draw the sociogram.

How to get started

We have gathered all the information you need to know about the test on this page. It is a good starting point, however, it cannot substitute knowledge gained in psychology or pedagogy training. The program helps you to complete the test in 30 minutes instead of the 5-6-10 hours it used to take (which meant taking the test on paper plus analysing it in excel).

1. Register in the application

Click here to log in or register. You will then see your own profile with all the settings and tests you have previously run.

2. Upload the list of names and add questions

To help you get started, we've written a user guide which you can access here. If you have any questions, write in our Facebook group - if you haven't joined yet, do it now!

3. Conduct the test

This is pretty self-explanatory, but do read the instructions carefully. We have written a sample consent form for parents and students, please use what you need.

4. Observe the generated report

There are lots of numbers in the report, each one means something. If you are not familiar with the indicators, click here for a short description.

5. Compile the sociogram

We can't draw it for you, but alongside the help material, we provide an interactive interface where you can untangle a class of up to 50 people in just a few minutes


I'm grateful for the program, it truly made my job much easier: the preparation was clear and simple, the test recording was easy. I only encountered one obstacle (the program didn’t run on every phone - thanks to the developers for their quick response). Thanks to the fast calculations, I was left with practically only the tasks of drawing and interpretation. It was also very well received by the students. Thank you. - H.K. Judit, School Psychologist
Very useful program: it is quick to learn how to use, results are presented in a clear, easy to understand format. It has saved me a lot of time - Kulcsár Johanna


Basa Bence

Basa Bence

Code line was his sign in kindergarten. Is an introverted psychologist as a sideline. Motto: at least the computer doesn't talk back.

Basa Bence

Hoffmann Tamás

A connoisseur of pedagogic and sociometric indicators. Is a tireless researcher who never rests until an index is in its place.